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Time to start Podcasting

The Power of Podcasts

The Internet plays host to a large volume of content and as a business, you need to find unique ways to stand out from the competition in your industry.

Audio-based content and podcasts, in particular, are one way to achieve this and using this medium has plenty of advantages including:

  • Offering engaging content in a different format

  • Giving your business a sense of personality

  • Building customer loyalty

  • Creating a sense of trust

  • Offering a portable and easy to digest form of media

  • Creating content that stands out in your sector

When you think of “good content” it’s likely that you think of something that’s text or visual-based, such as blog posts, Infographics, and interactive pieces.

However, alongside these excellent forms of content we often neglect audio, and in particular podcasts, as a valuable tool for enhancing your brand and getting your message out to your audience.

Podcasts are an incredible tool for establishing long-term engagement with customers, surfacing the personalities within a business, and building a bond of trust through analysis, insight, and storytelling.

Podcast by numbers

  • 56% of podcast listeners are male and 44% are female.

  • Consumers aged 25 – 54 are most likely to be monthly podcast listeners.

  • Monthly podcast listeners are educated: 30% have some grad school or an advanced degree. 27% have a four-year college degree

  • 48% of monthly podcast consumers follow companies/brands on social media.

  • Your Podcast here

As part of your current marketing strategy we would like to offer, to you, the opportunity to be ahead of the game, the opportunity to be different, and the opportunity to create content that does what great content should do:

  • Solve customer’s problems

  • Teach people

  • Answer questions

  • Create a culture

  • Tell a story

  • Target peoples passions

Contact us now to see how you can start your own podcast

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