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10 of the Most Popular Podcasts 2021- In no particular order

The podcast industry is now a billion dollar industry. I will say that again.

The podcast industry is now a billion dollar industry, and there are no indications that the popularity and growth of podcasts will decrease anytime soon, in fact the trends are showing that podcasting will just keep on growing.

Combining a radio talk show with the Netflix’s style on demand streaming service, podcasting is something that all business’s should be looking at taking advantage of.

TED Talks Daily

Hosted by: Elise Hu

Running since: 2020

Genre: Talk

Podcast language: English

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Hosted by: Michelle Obama

Running since: 2020

Genre: Talk / Interviews

Podcast language: English

The Daily

Hosted by: Michael Barbaro

Running since: 2017

Genre: News

Podcast language: English

Pod Save America

Hosted by: Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett & Thomas Vietor

Running since: 2017

Genre: Politics

Podcast language: English

The Joe Rogan Experience

Hosted by: Joe Rogan

Running since: 2009

Genre: Talk / Interviews

Podcast language: English

Call Her Daddy

Hosted by: Alexandra Cooper

Running since: 2018

Genre: Comedy & Sex/Relationship advice

Podcast language: English

Stuff You Should Know

Hosted by: Charles Bryant & Josh Clark

Running since: 2008

Genre: Infotainment

Podcast language: English

Office Ladies

Hosted by: Angela Kinsey & Jenna Fischer

Running since: 2019

Genre: Behind the Scenes commentary on episodes of “The Office” (U.S. version)

Podcast language: English

Entiende Tu Mente

Hosted by: Molo Cebrian, Luis Muino & Monica Gonzalez

Running since: 2017

Genre: Psychology & Mental health

Podcast language: Spanish

Crime Junkie

Hosted by: Ashley Flowers & Brit Prawat

Running since: 2017

Genre: True crime

Podcast language: English

If you are thinking about starting your own podcast, or would just like to learn more about how podcasting can benefit your business then contact US NOW for a FREE chat

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